5 Habits for Developing More Self-Confidence

If you plan on influencing anyone, developing confidence in yourself is an important characteristic to have. Let’s face it. For many us, confidence or the lack thereof is something we’ve had to deal with in one way or another.

Society doesn’t always make it easy to embrace who we really are on the inside. Worse yet, self-confidence is often mistaken for conceit. The truth is they’re miles apart. Confidence is defined as the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.

It’s true that we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves, but that it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think highly of ourselves. Belief in you is an attractive quality which starts with identifying your strengths and unique abilities and then embracing those qualities.

Show me a confident person, and I’ll show you a person who has spent time discovering their personal strengths and unique abilities. I’ll show you a someone who has accepted that things in life don’t always turn out as planned, and they’ve learned to appreciate their life’s high moments as well as the low. This confident person doesn’t measure themself against the next woman, because she recognizes that we all have admirable traits. She finds it easy to compliment her sisters because she knows that beauty comes in all shapes and shades, and their beauty doesn’t take away from hers.

Be that confident leader. Learn to love everything about yourself – the strength as well as the tenderness – and seek to become your best self. Don’t try to fit in when you were designed to stand out. There is ONLY one YOU! And that is uh-mazing!

No one else can do what you do like you do it, so embrace your true self. BECOME who you are destined to be. Live unapologetically. Speak boldly. Love loudly.  Be YOU to the full!

Discover who you truly are and let the world know that you’re here and you’re leaving your mark. Be confident in your uniqueness. Own it. Live it. Share it. When you do, you will empower others around you to do the same.

If you’re finding it difficult to embrace who you are and to love the qualities that make you, you, here are five things you should employ daily to help improve your self-confidence and increase your influence.


5 Habits that Develop and Improve Self-Confidence and Increase Your Influence

Identify your personal strengths and unique qualities
Listing out the specifics things about you that make you unique can improve your sense of significance and overall well-being. It can help in navigating through life’s ups and downs. If it’s a little challenging to identify your strengths, enlist the help of a close friend.

Each day affirm yourself and state your strengths and qualities. For example, you could say, “Girl, you are kind, and I love that about you.” If it’s really challenging, try looking in the mirror and speaking directly to yourself. Let your self-affirming words ring loudly in your own ears. We’ve spent a lifetime listening and agreeing with the words of everyone else; let’s try reversing that and allowing our own words to build us up and not tear us down.

Allow imperfection
Perfectionism isn’t a positive trait. It creates a false perception that everything in life has to be just right – meticulous – in order to be acceptable. The standards of perfection are usually set too high to achieve which can lead to self-criticism.  There is a difference between wanting things to be right and being a perfectionist. Generally in life, especially when other people share in our space, things will not always be perfect. Being human means having some flaws. There will always be room for improvement. We must allow ourselves the freedom to grow in a judgment free zone, while simultaneously extending this allowance to those around us as well. This leads to my next point.

Don’t Compare
When we hold our lives up to someone else’s we generally do it to determine which is better, but that standard of measurement is flawed because we never have the full picture about another person’s life. Comparison leads us to believe we’re either inferior or even superior to the next person. Enhancing our inner beauty comes from celebrating ourselves AND those around us. True self-assurance shines through in something as simple as giving a genuine compliment to another woman. Complimenting and praising others around you promotes better relationships and a healthy environment.

Keep Good Company
It’s important to be around people who add life to your day. Find people who love you, believe in you, build you up, and bring out the best in you. The reality is we don’t make it in this world alone. It’s great to encourage yourself, but find someone else who will encourage you, and who will help you create an environment conducive to healthy self-confidence. Iron sharpens iron.

These tips aren’t designed to be done once. Like any good routine, maintenance is the key. So, get up daily and affirm yourself. Speak empowering words about yourself and your situation. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Embrace the fact that not everything will go as planned. Don’t compare yourself, and keep good company by surrounding yourself with others who find the good in you and don’t mind telling you.

These are only several ways to improve self-confidence and enhance inner beauty. Developing a habit of them will certainly improve the way you feel on the inside.

What are some tips you use to enhance your self-confidence?

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